angeleta & etelvina

Angeleta and Etelvina

Original illustration by Simon Said.

Inspired by the main characters of the play You and Me by Little Soldier productions, Angeleta and Etelvina is a bitter sweet comedy with beautiful puppetry, shadow puppetry and original music. It has been developed at the Little Angel Theatre during HATCH Festival 2014 and FIRSTS FESTIVAL 2015.

Amongst the clutter of boxes, Etelvina is packing the last of Angeleta's things, ready for her to go to the care home. The two sisters have grown old, bitter and flatulent together, but now Angeleta's Dementia is becoming too much for Etelvina to bear; her hallucinations are getting worse, and she's been attacking the hairdresser with scissors again. As Etelvina packs, she shares memories with her sister and they go on a journey through the clouded past.

Pictures by Michael John White.


Director: Almudena Adalia 

Writer: Eirini Dermitzaki 

Cast: Aurora Adams, Chantelle Grimaud, Nicholas Halliwel, Mayra Stergiou, Joanna Greaney

Puppet Maker: Kelly Frost and Clara Sancho-Arroyo

Lighting Designer & Stage Manager: Luis Alvarez 

Set Designer: Alezeia Fidalgo 

Composer & Sound designer: Yaiza Varona

Thanks to

Jessica Rose Hall, Alex Kirkland, Rocio Eiras, Clara Sancho, Elisa Ferreras, Cristoffer Sevilla and Rachel Warr

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