Antibiotic Apocalypse

Antibiotic Apocalypse

Set inside the body of a dying patient, and zoomed in X 10000, a staphylococcus tells her 4 million offspring her rags to riches story about surviving antibiotics´


A theatre performance that investigates a serious threat to humanity the´Antibiotic Apocalypse’. A possible future scenario that has been recently featured in the world’s press, in which antibiotic resistance in bacteria would set medicine back 100 years.

This is a story of survival told from the point of view of bacteria with absurdity, humor and audience interaction, using spoken word as well as physical comedy, visual and aural effects, puppetry and projection.

Pictures by Elly White

This new work is aimed at families and aspires to entertain, inform, stimulate conversation, spread awareness and approach science to people using a the powerful and engaging tool of theatre.

The work has been supported by Puppet Animation Scotland and its manipulate Visual Theatre Festival 2019 where we participated as part of Snap Shots Development and mentorship program.

Almudena Adalia: Director

Pili de Grado: Designer

Alex Kirkland: Writer

Stacey Michel: Performer

Charlie Daniells: Performer

Ewa Wawreniuk: Performer

Elpeth Chapman: Performer

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