Sonic Journey


Around the Glove is delighted to be part of Sonic Journey.

Sonic Journey in an immersive, cross-disciplinary audio guided experience which describes the concept of travel and how it universally affects us; how it impacts identity, story and the new thoughts it triggers.


We were invited to create a performance for three parts of the journey using traditional shadow puppetry, craft making and our own bodies.

Performing dementia

Performing Dementia is a ground-breaking project that showcases two puppetry plays: Angeleta & Etelvina and Dark Matter. The project aims to raise awareness of Dementia through engaging and entertaining performances and intergenerational workshops.

Both shows use the power and benefits of puppetry performance as a creative medium to explore the journey of a person suffering from dementia but from two different angles: The exploration of the brain of a character with dementia who travels through memories and hallucinations and the experience of a carer (sister) who deals on a daily basis with a person with dementia. The result is an exploration of the inner and outer reality of Dementia which is both touching and heart-warming.

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