The secret life of Rizado and other unexpected events

Original illustration by Alezeia Fidalgo.

In collaboration with Dotted Line Theatre, a new theatre performance inspired by the surrealism of Salvador Dalí.

The project has received the support from The Mercury Theatre Colchester and the Arts Council of England. With their help, during summer 2016, we carried out a week of research and development in Colchester; we are now in the process of building the production, also with their support.

Set in the present day, and aimed primarily at young adults, the work explores themes of family and constructed identity and individualism versus community in our age of social media.

Brought to life using a dazzling combination of puppetry, live action, art installation, Flamenco, film and dream-like soundscape, this is a coming of age story that takes place between the realms of dreams and reality.

Rizado is thirteen. Ignored at school and struggling at home with caring for her depressed dad since mum left. Riz’s world seems to be sliding into monotony and adult responsibility, with never enough time to sleep. But one evening the clocks melt, everyday objects morph into strange life forms, and Salvador Dalí appears. Dalí opens a door onto a new world and a new way of existing; where rules are to be broken, where passion can rage and where mischief and danger is king.

Under Dalí’s influence, Riz’s perspective of things changes, turning her world upside down and generating chaos. But at what cost? As Riz finds power and freedom in her new persona, those around her slip away from her, and her ailing father falls into his own dangerous unconscious.


Creative Producer & Co-developer: Almudena Adalia

Writer, Performer & Co-developer: Ajjaz Awad

Director & Co-developer: Rachel Warr

Designer: Sophia Clist

Composer & Sound Designer: Yaiza Varona

Performer: Merce Ribot

Performer: Louisa Ashton

Puppet Maker: Judith Hope

© 2019 Around the Glove by Cristoffer Sevilla