In collaboration with Director Rachel Warr, we offer a variety of workshops for those interested in the incredible art of puppetry and shadow theatre.


Our workshops aim to create spaces to explore, devise and be inspired; attendants will acquire new skills as they are having fun.


From professional development to puppetry in schools and care homes, workshops are tailored to the number of people, age and abilities of the group.

Theatre Delicatessen: Bunraku Puppetry

Inspired by ancient art of the Japanese puppetry, a course for professional development, involving making, movement and storytelling.

   - Intro to Bunraku tecqunique: 3 puppeteers on a puppet; movement and coordination

   - Relationship between the puppet and a human being

   - How to make craft puppets

   - Improvising and creating scenes

   - Understunding of story telling

   - Understunding th euse of music

Malden Road Shadow Theatre

A course for professional development exploring the possibilities and different techniques for manipulating light, screen and objects.

   - Intro to shadow work.

   - Different qualities of light. Working with fixed and moving light sources.

   - Shadow play and the human body.

   - Shadow puppet cut-outs, from silhouette to colour.

   - OHPs and working on two planes.

   - Rethinking the shadow screen.

Fun Palaces at Theatre Royal Plymouth with Told by an Idiot

Inspired by the vegetables puppetry used in the show by Told by an Idiot, Heads will Roll and the myth of the Golden Man, a workshop for children and parents using fruits and vegetables:

   - characters making

   - story telling

   - performing

Shadow Profile at Mercury Theatre with Dotted Line Theatre

In the era of social media, a fun and inspiring workshop combining shadow theatre with the idea of yout inner and oputer profile.

Draw your own profile silhouette, transform it and play with it. This workshop is focused on working individually with your own profile and reate  a sequence or a story.

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